Geotechnical Engineering Project Management Software

Effectively manage proposals, projects and clients

e.g. export complete IDOT and Tollway forms in seconds

We believe geotech companies should spend less time on Excel, and more on engineering.

Teams manage their work better with GeoTech PM because...

The impact was immediate and obvious for our organization. The web interface helped tremendously, especially with getting additional staff to collaborate on proposal-related tasks, and our productivity in this area received a substantial boost.

Liviu Iordache, P.G.
Geotechnical Department Manager

GeoTech PM has worked flawlessly to streamline the creation of CPFF and CECS forms.

Eric Datz
Assistant to the Drilling Manager

I have only been using GeoTech PM for a month and it took a little getting used to, but it’s simple and clear. I enjoy the transition.

Nicholas Boddy
Geotechnical Engineer

Benefits at a glance

Screenshot of GeoTech PM Screenshot of GeoTech PM

Keep all work organized & up to date

Have all the proposals and projects in one spot.

Quickly find and update any proposal, project or client.

"Once a proposal has been won it makes incredibly easy to start a new project"

Easy for every employee to adhere to standard processes.

Share proposals and projects with your clients, including downloadable Lab Testing results.

Eliminate duplicate data and effort

By offering multiple views into the same data, GeoTech PM removes the need to keep around various spreadsheets.

Your own estimates are exported on the fly to specific agencies' Consultant Services Worksheets.

Stale data and mistakes arrising from manual processing are eliminated.

Screenshot of GeoTech PM
Screenshot of GeoTech PM

Track progress and drive to completion

Never forget about questions or proposals sent to clients. Following up periodically after sending them to get to a resolution denotes your professionalism.

The personalized dashboard shows each staff member items that need to be acted upon by him/her.

Create multiple proposals with one click

When you get RFPs from multiple clients bidding for the same project, create proposals from an existing one, tweak, and send to each client.

Screenshot of GeoTech PM

Instant setup, reliable, secure, easy to use

It runs on your laptop, tablet and phone browser (nothing to install or upgrade), powered by Amazon Cloud and secured with SSL encryption (like online banks).

"I have found GeoTech PM to be very functional and intuitive."

"I wish I got a formal lesson but I was given a user name and password and had to learn on my own. It is pretty easy to pick though."

Dedicated to Geotechnical Engineering

Unlike other generic project management software, GeoTech PM was built from scratch for Geotechnical Engineering, using extensive domain knowledge from professionals in the field.

Screenshot of GeoTech PM

Structured proposals, projects and clients data

plain text .csv files

All company files

.zip archive
each proposal or project in own folder

Your data is yours. No vendor lock-in.

Your data are not only private, but batch exportable in plain text CSV formats anytime. Besides instant individual download, all your company files can be batch exported upon request in 1 business day.

Coupled with no upfront investment that would require a return over time, these ensure you're able to easily switch vendors.
We're proud to keep only customers that are happy with us, not that have to stick.