More testimonials

The more I use the software, the more useful it becomes. At a glance, one can see the status of any given proposal and who is working on any given proposal. Having a functional, searchable database of the projects is a huge time saver.

Eric Datz
Assistant to the Drilling Manager

My experience with GeoTechPM has been very good. I've seen a lot of improvements over time.

Corina Farez, P.E., P.G.
Vice President

The folks at GeoTechPM dedicated time and effort to understand our industry, our needs, and the way we conduct business. They customized many features of the application at our request, and they came up with suggestions and solutions we found very useful. As a result, getting started was truly a breeze.

Our proposals and projects are now all accessible from one interface, one web page. We work on several dozen projects at the same time, and monthly we develop just as many new opportunities. GeoTechPM keeps things nice and tidy. For example, I can search for the name of one county and find a summary of all projects and proposals we worked in that area.

Liviu Iordache, P.G.
Geotechnical Department Manager

Getting started with GeoTechPM was relatively simple and self-explanatory.

The most useful thing about it is that I don't have to go searching for information in multiple locations. Everything I need is in one spot.

Monica Ratiu
Administrative Assistant/Lab Technician